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Real estate appraisal and economic consulting

“Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things that you do the most are the things you will do thew best.”Marva Collins


The firm of Levi Ingber specializes in real estate appraisal and economic consulting services, based on diverse practical experience in the broad areas of the real estate industry, as well as on academic knowledge. The firm is recognized for its professionalism, creativity and prowess which are reflected in all areas of its activity.

The firm prides itself on its motto “excellence – doing the very best”, while using professional integrity, transparency, availability and personal attention. All stages of work in the firm undergo double and rigorous control processes, regardless of whether the appraisals are being undertaken for private clients, businesses or public entities. 




Personal attention


Talya Shenberger, Advocate and civil-commercial notary – real estate taxation
“Lihi Ingber is an excellent and highly-professional real estate appraiser. Lihi has analyzed the value of property for many of my clients. Those analyses include complex estimates and were professionally and successfully performed. From my own experience as a lawyer how has been involved in real estate transactions for 20 years, I can tell that Lihi’s analytical abilities and her being an economist, along with a brilliant mind and her vast knowledge and experience, give an added value to her loyalty at work. Lihi’s valuations are detailed and accurate, and as a lawyer, I make use of them for filing individual real estate agents’ tax assessment reports. Lihi also accompanies real estate investors, some of which are clients of mine, and performs her job devotedly and professionally. I highly recommend employing the Lihi’s services given any real estate transaction. The highest standards of serviceability, loyalty and professionalism!
Ortal Davidyan Gidoni, Adv.
“An initiative-driven, professional and prolific real estate appraiser. She demonstrates high personal responsibility, accuracy and thoroughness in performing her duties. Lihi brings positive energies while solving problems and high-quality service primes in her mind.
Gal D.
“Lihi is very professional and thorough, and most of all – the clients are her top priority. Lihi was able to explain us the entire process in a simple and clear manner, and he didn't let us face a single step of the process on our own. Our choice was definitely good, thank you!”
Yifat B.
“The detailed report prepared by Lihi, the real estate appraiser, clarified all the requirements necessary for me in order to properly handle the specific issues I had when I addressed her. Moreover, Lihi drew my attention to some other matters which are relevant in this case and elaborated on them. I would like to mention that Lihi was very attentive, remained at my disposition for any questions and her answers were clear and unequivocal. She made great efforts to provide me with all the relevant information.”
Adam D.
“Lihi is highly professional and has strong interpersonal skills. She does her job thoroughly and carefully. Every meeting we had was fascinating. She saved us dozens of thousands of NIS. She is simply amazing!”
Shimrit A.
“Dear Lihi, thank you very much for your service, professionalism and reliability! I would like to say that I am grateful for making the whole process and experience less stressful overall, and also for putting my mind to rest from the moment I met you! I am really happy for having the opportunity to make use of your services.”

Real Estate Appraisal

Appraiser’s opinions are used for many purposes, in accordance with the needs and request of the client.

The “Real Estate Appraisal” Department specializes in valuations of all real estate assets: residential, office, commercial, industrial, hotels, rental properties, sheltered housing, etc.

Economic Appraisals and Zero Reports

The “Economic Appraisals and Zero Reports” Department deals with two main types of reports:

The first is an initial report which examines the economic feasibility of the project and upon which the decision whether or not to implement the project is predicated (Go/No-Go report).

The second report is a full zero report that includes, inter alia, an analysis of the construction rights in the project and an estimate of its construction costs and anticipated revenues

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Real estate taxation

The entering into of a real estate transaction will usually be accompanied by a tax liability.

The “Real Estate Taxation” Department specializes in the many and varied taxation issues that are expected to apply upon entering into a real estate transaction. Therefore, complete familiarity with the various tax issues is required.

The most common taxes in the field of real estate are: Appreciation tax, ILA (Israel Land Authority) taxes and purchase tax.